Agritop - Partner of the Fifth National Meeting of the Association of Agricultural Producers
Agritop - Partner of the Fifth National Meeting of the Association of Agricultural Producers

Nikolay Stefchov, owner of the company Agritop, presented the company's activities and innovations in animal husbandry during the prestigious forum, which was held on February 8th and 9th in the city of Golden Sands.
"Balanced investments, consistency and innovations are the basis of the success of a farm", said Nikolay Stefchov and presented the engineering activity of Agritop, including the complete process from the idea to the creation of the project, equipment and its operation. During the presentation, he described in what direction one should think and what should not be omitted so that the farm is efficient and profitable.

Carrying out preliminary analyzes for the result of the investment, which means providing all the facts when choosing one or another system, installation or machine.
To ease the work processes on the farm, it is necessary to think more for the design of the buildings, explained Mr. Stefchov, so that, for example, the littering of straw in the bedding areas and the cleaning of the manure mass can be done automatically, as quickly as possible and above all efficiently.

The main prerequisite for the correct storage and homogenization of the manure is to preserve its properties. From the animal directly to be stored in an above-ground or in-ground lagoon for the period during which its dispersal is prohibited and then to be used for fertilization. Natural manure is an excellent option for modern agriculture because it reduces soil acidity and improves its structure. Spreading can be done by a liquid fertilizer tanker, and it is best to inject the fertilizer directly into the soil, so we have the least loss of its beneficial properties, and the injection can be done with Joskin cultivators.

Nikolay Stefchov presented the structure of the Agritop company to farmers and livestock breeders present at the national meeting, a structure including teams for preparing documents from all instances, a design team of architects, constructors and technologists.

He also showed a part of already realized farms, which are complete projects of the company, working and most importantly - with positive results. On the basis of these farms, he paid special attention to the bedding area in the barn, bedding, air, watering, feeding and feeding tables, etc.
"Implementing working solutions in the farm is the most important thing that we take as our mission - to look at all the details, to show them, to pay attention. Our interest is mutual, the farmer has to develop so that we can develop as well. It's simple and logical."