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"Thanks to the quality polyethylene sleeves and silage equipment of Budisa Bag, as well as the good cooperation with Agritop, we have not had problems with silage or poor quality silage for powering the installations for 5 years now," said Chavdar Aigatov, manager of biogas plant, Chernozemen village, Plovdiv
The two biogas plants, built and operated by the company "Ellon" near Plovdiv, work with equipment for storage and preservation of Budissa Bag silage from Agritop. Since the creation of biogas plants, our customers have been ensiling only in Budissa bag plastic bags and with the help of Joskin trailers and tanks.The choice they made 5 years ago, after preliminary research, proved to be the most effective harvest and without any losses.

"The quality of silage is extremely high, and the method is very cost-effective and fast. In 30 days, with two Budissa Bag RT 8000 machines, we filled 60,000 tons of silage in plastic bags for conservation and storage. ”, Alexander Abrashev, Deputy Director of Ellon EOOD

Agritop equipment includes:

Budissa BAG plant food packaging packaging machine and polyethylene packaging bags

Advantages of ensiling with Budissa BAG

  • High performance
  • Even finer crushing;
  • Good quality of pressing;
  • High aerobic stability;
  • Better ability to dose silage additives during silage;
  • Protection against falling metal and other objects;
  • High quality silage throughout the storage period;
  • Precise preparation of the field for silage is not required
  • No concrete base or walls required.

Joskin DRAKKAR silage trailer with patented unloading system with belt floor and integrated movable front board, ensuring fast and safe unloading because there is no lifting of the load, as with standard transport trailers.
Liquid manure tank Joskin MODULO2 - fully galvanized tank with a capacity of 16000 MEB, 16,580 l 11000 l / min