Realized Projects

Barn for mothers and dry cows in the farm ET Boryana Zlatanova, Zhelyazno
Barn for mothers and dry cows in the farm ET Boryana Zlatanova, Zhelyazno

Construction of a barn for mothers and dry cows in the Plovdiv farm ET Boryana Zlatanova. It is the third stable on the farm after the equipment from Agritop of the first two in 2015 - for dairy cows with birth boxes and a milking parlor and a stable for growing animals.
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A technological solution for the new barn was developed by Agritop. It has a deep straw bed and will be cleaned with a Weidemann loader. The barn is high enough to provide the necessary amount of air and light.The microclimate is fully optimized with Agrotel windprotection curtains and DeLaval fans. The feeding table has a back barrier and fasteners with very good access, which is covered with epoxy resin. Excellent access to the required number of group and individual drinkers is also provided.

A group igloo with a yard for raising calves has been installed on the farm. The igloo has UV protection and is suitable for up to 14 calves for a period of up to 3 months. The fence is made of strong, galvanized steel.

In 2015, Agritop introduced the Riela fodder kitchen on the farm, which prepares 3 tons of fodder daily. ”
The cleaning of the fertilizer mass in the other two barns, which have individual boxes, is done through automated rope fastening lines, which take the fertilizer to an above-ground fertilizer lagoon built by Agritop. And from there with a liquid manure tank Joskin is used to fertilize the land on which the farm grows roughage. This is the optimal solution for the utilization of manure contributing added value to the farm.