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Bio cow farm, village Dobrodan, Troyan
Bio cow farm, village Dobrodan, Troyan

"The most important thing for the farmers is, in the end, who is behind them - service, support and attitude, and I find Agritop for a fair company, Ivan Danchev, owner of an organic farm with Dobrodan.
"Weidemann is a brand that adheres to quality, and Agritop in its role as a trader is an extremely fair company. I have been working with them since 2012 and we have mutual trust, whatever is said is being implemented.", Ivan Danchev

In the farm, Agritop  is reconstructing an old barn, dividers and individual boxes, water troughs, Delaval teats, scrapers and DeLaval scrapers, DeLaval milking parlor, DeLaval cooling tank have been implemented.
The organic farmer has purchased from the company 2 Weidemann loaders, a liquid manure tank Joskin.
Modern fodder workshop Riela, which mechanizes the grinding, mixing and complete preparation of fodder. The auger is loaded directly from the augers. Machine for canning fodder in plastic bags.
A part from an interview with Ivan Danchev in front of the team of a farmer.Bg

Weidemann is a brand that values ​​quality, and Agritop, as a retailer, is a very honest company. I have been working with them since 2012 and we have mutual trust, whatever is said is being implemented. This is the most important thing for farmers, not only posters and advertising, they are strong for all companies, but it is important in the end who stands behind them - service, support and attitude.
"Weidemann simply sticks to quality and is an established brand. With them, the delivery is timely, the service is correct and the service is up to standard, "Danchev told a team of Farmer.BG.
Agritop sales representatives are experts who advise you on the conditions under which a machine is suitable for you, not just looking to sell you, they offer machines and solutions that are fully applicable to the specific farm. I've noticed other traders leave you to decide what you need just by browsing catalogs, "said the farmer.
"I have a WeidemannT4512 telescopic loader, which is made in such a way that even at very low temperatures minus 25, minus 35 degrees, if you drive it with quality fuel, no problem. At the same time, these loaders are very economical, at 10 hours of work, you get 2 as a bonus, "said Danchev.
"I have been working with the WeidemannT4512 since 2012 and I have 6,000 working hours, and the machine has not had any problems. I have colleagues who work with Weidemanns for 10,000 hours, machines that are constantly in operation and work without any problems. In addition, the machine is multifunctional, there are many tools - bale clamps, silage, scrapers for cleaning, all kinds of buckets and what not. After you buy it, you get at least 5 machines in one, the important thing is to know what you order ", Ivan Danchev is categorical. “Some time ago I bought the new WeidemannT6027 telescopic loader and we have no problems with it. Agritop's service is also at an excellent level.
"Under measure 121, we implemented two projects with Agritop - for the utilization of manure and for the modernization of the farm. And under measure 4.1 we have currently implemented another project, which is completed on time and deliveries and installations. One must never stop building. My son is 21 years old and in 2 months we should implement a project, this time for equipment, "said the farmer.
One of the last investments of the breeder is for the construction of a small feed shop from Agritop.
"Together with the animals, I cultivate nearly 2,000 decares of land, 1,200 of which are arable. I produce grain for food for my animals, and nearly 800 decares are meadows and pastures. The workshop will greatly facilitate our work. Currently, several people are involved in this, and after the implementation of the feed shop, the work will be carried out mechanically - grinding, mixing and complete preparation of feed. "The augers will load the feed dispenser directly," he said.
Ivan Danchev also bought a machine for filling plant mass from Agritop.
"We hope that with it we will preserve fodder and get even better quality silage. With this package in bags, the silage is obtained as salami - you cut as much as you need, and the rest is stored. This preserves the quality of the silage and is almost without any losses. And I am sure that if it is German, it will work well ", the organic producer also commented ....