Realized Projects

Bio sheep farm in the town of Dolni Dabnik (VIDEO)
Bio sheep farm in the town of Dolni Dabnik (VIDEO)

The modern sheep farm in the town of Dolni Dabnik with a capacity of 2000 sheep is designed and equipped entirely by Agritop.
Agritop develops and applies modern technology for raising dairy sheep.
The sheep farm consists of two buildings for raising animals and one with a milking center, a selection and a lamb zone;

The buildings have windprotection curtains that provide daylight and excellent ventilation, which has achieved:

  • Reduction of ammonia in the air
  • Eliminate moisture and currents
  • Lowering temperatures during the summer months
  • Increasing milk production
  • Windprotection curtains are an excellent solution for optimizing the microclimate in the barn to increase the health of animals and their productivity. Animals need fresh and clean air to reach their production potential.

The feeding process is fully optimized for:
  • Quick and easy loading of food
  • Food paths with retaining frames for excellent access to each animal
  • Epoxy resin coating for fresh feed, lossless and easy to clean
The highest level of milking animals and easy management of daily processes:

DeLaval SG 2x36 milking installation has been installed, implementing in the farm a state-of-the-art herd management system and monitoring of the health status of the animals;
DeLaval handheld reader for accurate identification of any animal, anytime, anywhere;

The created excellent environment for animal husbandry and easy management of daily processes leads to high results:
  • Increased birth rate;
  • Reduced animal mortality;
  • Very high milking;