Biogas systems

Energy from Biogas. Reliable and environmentally friendly

The installation for the production of biogas offers a high-quality and efficient solution by utilizing waste products and generating energy in various forms and providing high-quality fertilizer on your farm. The disposal and transportation of organic waste products is associated with significant financial costs. It is much more profitable and economical to use waste products as raw material for the production of electricity and heat or for cooling. Along with these direct benefits, your farm also achieves a sustainable ecological balance.

The advantages of biogas production:

Quality and reliable biogas production plants ensure energy efficiency of your investment, making you independent of traditional energy suppliers. The prices of oil, gas and electricity are constantly rising, which directly affects production volumes and prices of manufactured goods. The electricity produced can also be directed to the public power grid and thus become a major source of income. In addition, the heat produced by the facility can be used for heating, process heat or in cooling processes. By building such a biogas production plant, you increase your long-term and sustainable energy independence.

We offer:
  • Biogas installations
  • Silage storage machines
  • Silage storage PE-bags