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Cow and buffalo farm, Dermantsi village, Lovech
Cow and buffalo farm, Dermantsi village, Lovech

The farm is designed, built and equipped by Agritop.
The farm has a modern central milk pipeline, guaranteeing excellent milk quality, reducing the heavy daily work of milkers. DeLaval offers the best technology for fixed milking. The entire program for the central milk pipeline is designed and built according to the conditions for milking and milk collection. High-tech milking machines have clusters of the highest class. They are with the measurement of the amount of milk and a system that stabilizes the vacuum, for a constant vacuum during milking, regardless of the milk flow. They also have a DuoVac function controlled by milk flow (low vacuum in the pre-milking phase and the post-milking phase). The unique milking with DuoVac is adapted individually to each animal.
The central milk pipeline implements a complex herd management system for fixed breeding in the barn - DelPro. It is equipped with a milk receiver, a high-performance vacuum pump and an automatic washing system.
The farm raises 70 buffaloes and 50 cows. DeLaval individual drinkers are installed in the barn, which are easy to clean and provide enough water per minute. The cleaning and utilization of the manure in the farm is solved with the system for cleaning the manure by means of a sub-rod, which takes the manure to the manure shaft.
Agritop also supplies the farm with a forage trailer, a Weidemann front loader, a baler, a mower, a hay rake and a Joskin transport trailer.