Realized Projects

Cow farm Karadja-FAG, village of Dragomaj, Isperih
Cow farm Karadja-FAG, village of Dragomaj, Isperih

​Design and equipment of a dairy farm for dairy cows.
The farm consists of two buildings for raising animals and one building with a milking parlor, a dairy ward and a maternity ward.
Agritop implements the DeLaval PARALLEL 2x16 milking parlor with automatic removal of milking clusters, electronic measurement of milk and blood and electrical conductivity.
A high-quality vacuum system takes the milk directly to a DeLaval cooling milk tank for storage. This ensures high hygiene and preservation of the quality of the milk, which does not have direct access to the air and the environment.
The modern milking installation implements automation systems on the farm through a computerized herd identification and management system from DeLaval DELPRO. Thus, each animal is identified individually by the system and can effectively control the heat of the animals, the amount of milk milked, grouping the animals according to lactation and many other daily operations. DeLaval DELPRO saves many hours of work every day, while you have better control over the management of the entire farm. The building has designed and equipped a selection area with a waiting room.

The technological equipment of the building designed by Agritop for animal husbandry includes:
Fertilizer cleaning and removal system with rope scraper line for fertilizer path, fertilizer scraper, RECK mixer-homogenizer in the receiving shaft. The manure is stored in a dug lagoon built by Agritop.
Double-sided food front with clamps and epoxy coating on the food path.

The comfort of the animals is provided by individual boxing of the animals. The boxes have extremely soft and strong synthetic mattresses with a moisture-resistant coating that keeps them dry and free of germs. The buildings are open longitudinally with installed German windshields, which are made of the highest quality materials and have no analogue with any other product on the market. They have been proven to achieve an excellent microclimate with natural air movement and natural light in buildings.
Swinging teats for DeLava cows are installed, which improve the comfort and health of cows and increase their productivity.
Group drinkers are installed so that the animals have access to fresh and clean water 24/7. The drinkers are easy to clean and maintain