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Cow farm Lukovit - Raising calves version
Cow farm Lukovit - Raising calves version

It is made of galvanized steel pipes and covering specialized PVC foil with UV protection.
Very suitable for raising animals. The special PVC film with UV protection protects the animals from the negative effects of the weather, such as wind, rain or snow. UV protection repels the sun's rays, providing cool air inside during the summer.
The material is durable at very high and very low temperatures. In the tent there are boxes for group breeding of animals and with the possibility to take the partitions outside and organize a yard.

This innovative and multifunctional tent is suitable for storing straw, machinery, other goods and raw materials, as well as for raising animals or other agricultural purposes.
Its basic version is offered with open front sides. The length of the tent can be manufactured according to the customer's instructions or can be extended by ready-made modules.
The installation of the galvanized tubular frame structure can be performed on a flat ground surface and no concrete foundation is required. A strong and non-flammable covering PVC-foil with UV protection from special polyester fabric is mounted on the metal construction.
Arched tents offer significant advantages, as they can be easily and quickly installed on flat sites, relocated as needed and have a different storage purpose in the agricultural sector.