Realized Projects

Cow farm, Okorsh village, 2010
Cow farm, Okorsh village, 2010

The first realized investment project with Agritop was implemented in 2010.
The project includes the implementation of a DeLaval herringbone 2x6 milking installation and the purchase of a Weidemann 2070T loader.

Two more implemented projects follow, which are again assigned to Agritop. They are used for reconstruction of an existing barn, construction of a dug lagoon for manure storage; liquid manure tank Joskin Modulo and construction of RIELA FEED WORKSHOP WITH TEXTILE CELLS.

The technological equipment in the barn includes: cowsheds with galvanized construction and high quality synthetic flooring, group barn drinkers with frost protection, fans and DeLaval teats.
Two rope scraper lines for manure cleaning.