Realized Projects

Cow farm for 120 animals in the village of Yarlovo
Cow farm for 120 animals in the village of Yarlovo

Design, construction and equipment of a dairy farm.

Complete equipment of a dairy farm and implemented DeLaval milking parlor, Herringbone type 2x6 with electropulsators, automatic removal of milking machines and recording the flow of milk with a waiting room, with the capacity to take a group of animals. The movement of the animals from the bed areas to the milking parlor will be done in a short time, respectively will reduce the total milking time and will increase the biosecurity measures. After milking, the cows go out the shortest way directly to the animal breeding area. The milking parlor has a milk storage room with a milk cooling tank inside, a washing system to the milking parlor and a high-quality vacuum pump.
DeLaval manufactures the highest quality vacuum systems. The vacuum pump is one of the key components in a milking system. It provides a vacuum for efficient extraction and transportation of milk, as well as for efficient cleaning of the entire system.
The DeLaval range of vacuum pumps ensures that vacuum regulators, pulsators and milking machines function optimally in a smooth and precise milking process, thanks to the stable vacuum level. The result is better milk quality and higher productivity on the farm.

For animal husbandry and their comfort we equipped the farm with:

  • Single and double boxes. They are made of high quality hot-dip galvanized steel and are in a special shape, providing an excellent resting position for the animals, ensuring both the comfort of the animal and the precise delineation of the place of lying. This prevents the animals from turning away.
  • A wooden plank is installed in front of the pens, which prevents the animals from moving forward, increasing their safety and increasing hygiene while maintaining the correct position of the cows.
  • The floors of the boxes are covered with very strong and soft German synthetic mattresses with moisture-resistant coating. The composition of the mattresses gives not only the necessary softness and comfort, but also high hygiene in the beds and in the barn. These mattresses have proven over 10 years of operation in Bulgarian farms.
  • Automated system for cleaning and removing manure with a rope scraper line for manure path;
  • One-sided food front with occipital septum and epoxy resin coating on the food path;
  • Group stable drinkers with a float according to the number of animals;
  • To maintain the good health, hygiene and comfort of the prokari animals, special swinging teats for DeLaval cows are also provided. They contribute to the welfare of animals and increase their productivity. Fibers from quality raw materials provide a high level of animal comfort while cleansing the skin and stimulating blood circulation. They help to calm them down, improve their health, reduce the risk of skin diseases, and also contribute to trafficking;
  • The microclimate in the barn is fulfilled by means of electrically driven wind protection blinds - in the room with a milking parlor and in the room for raising animals, through which fresh air enters. On the ridge of the building in the middle / upper part of the roof there is a ventilation opening, which serves for lighting and ventilation, through which the stagnant air comes out, where an electrically driven windshield is installed. The blinds are electrically operated, which allows quick opening and closing of the sides and the entry of fresh air.
  • Additionally, stable fans are installed, which slowly move the air in the building during the summer months.
  • For the needs of the cow farm we have implemented a high-quality feed kitchen, with which the farmers themselves and automatically will prepare the necessary compound feed. With precise dosing and direct loading of the feed trailer;