Realized Projects

Cow farm in the village of Trem - Complete design and equipment of a new barn
Cow farm in the village of Trem - Complete design and equipment of a new barn

"I chose Agritop to implement the project again because I am already convinced of the quality of the equipment and the efficiency of the technological solutions they implement. It is also very important for me that I get a complete solution from them," said Samet Basri, CEO of Ekani AD.
After the realization of the first project of the company "Ekani" in 2010 in their livestock farm Agritop completely designs and equips a new building for 130 dairy cows.
"The purpose of these investments we make is to optimize daily work tasks, to minimize costs, to maintain the good condition of animals, respectively to increase quality and increase production. With working technological solutions from Agritop we manage to achieve it!"

The technological equipment includes:

  • Single and double boxes for cows with galvanized constructions
  • Rubber flooring for cow boxes made of special rubber material, resistant to high loads
  • Galvanized railings for dividing corridors and / or groups of animals
  • Limiters for food - fertilizer paths and feeding tables with galvanized constructions with occipital tube;
  • Epoxy resin coating on the food aisle
  • Double-leaf barn doors with galvanized frames
  • Rolling doors for the feeding table with electric drive,
  • System for optimizing the microclimate in the barn with electrically driven windprotection curtains;
  • Group water thoughs with bottom drainage with overfloat and frost protection
  • Electric rotary teats for DeLaval cows
  • DeLaval downed fans
  • System for automatic cleaning and storage of manure, which includes:
  • Rope scraper fertilizer line
  • Plant for pumping liquid manure with submersible pump
  • Liquid fertilizer homogenization device, submersible stainless steel mixer

"We implemented the same system 10 years ago in the first barn and we didn't have any problems with it! With this type of cleaning the animal manure goes automatically to the lagoon, which Agritop calculated so that we can store it for 4 months. We have reduced the staff needed for this stable and for raising the animals, all of which is part of the overall efficiency from which the profit comes.
The most important thing is that after 2-3 years we achieved 35% savings in fertilizing the fields treated with manure. In this way, animal husbandry adds value to agriculture. ", Samet Basri