Realized Projects

Cow farm, town of Koynare, Pleven
Cow farm, town of Koynare, Pleven

The project is a reconstruction of an old barn designed, built and equipped by Agritop.
The technical equipment in the cow farm includes: windprotection curtains with automated control; fertilizer scrapers for cleaning manure, fans and swinging DeLaval tweezers.
The cow farm is equipped with a milking installation of the Swedish manufacturer DeLaval type Herringbone 30 °, in which the cows are comfortably positioned close to the canal and the milker has easy access to the udder.
At the same time, 10 animals are milked, which are monitored by milk meters for the flow of milk (blood in the milk) to prevent mastitis.
The owners of the cow farm have bought from Agritop a specialized loader Weidemann 1280, a forage trailer, a Joskin liquid manure tank, a Joskin manure spreader trailer, a Sipma mower and baler.