Realized Projects

Cow farm, village of Dobrinovo, Burgas
Cow farm, village of Dobrinovo, Burgas

"I started working in animal husbandry 12 years ago, a few years later I started working with Agritop. We have already completed several projects. Today we continue our partnership because they are professionals and are very honest. The equipment and equipment we bought from they are extremely high quality, the service is also, which in our industry is of great importance ", Mr. Ivanov, Roca-Agromilk Ltd.
In the cow farm in the village of Dobrinovo 302 dairy cows and their livestock are bred freely. Agritop reconstructs and equips two stables. The equipment in the stables includes: DeLaval milking parlor, milking taxis, four lines of scrapers for cleaning manure, cows swinging brushes.
The equipment purchased by the company is: forage trailer, Joskin fertilizer spreader trailer, Weidemann telescopic loader, Irtec irrigation machines.
Milled field RIELA for self-production of quality fodder on the farm.
With RIELA milled fields you can determine and monitor the composition of food in accordance with the needs of animals, according to their species, age and condition.