Realized Projects

Cow farm, village of Jelyazno, Plovdiv, 2015
Cow farm, village of Jelyazno, Plovdiv, 2015

"We will continue to work with Agritop, as we are very pleased with our joint work. We have stopped choosing them because they are professionals, flexible and available 24 hours a day," said Dr. Mariel Merjanov. manager of the cow farm.
The farm included two new barns for cows and young calves , a milking Herringbone stalls 2 X 10 of Delaval and facilities for staff . The modern milking equipment is automated by computer system for identification and herd management from Delaval, the so called system ALPRO. Thus each animal is recognized individually by the system and oestrus, quantity of milked milk, grouping of the animals after lactation period, cooling milk tank and farrowing area can be controlled effectively.
20 animals can be milked at the same time with vacuum equipment milking system which leads the milk directly into cooling tank for storage. As milk has not direct access to air and surrounding environment hygiene and quantity of milk is preserved.
The farm is equipped with cowshed for individual cubical keeping for better protection and calmness of the cows.
Company Agritop has constructed silo pits, fodder mixer and muck lagoon.
Windbprotection curtains with sensors for temperature, wind speed and rain are fitted.