Realized Projects

Cow farm, village of Markovo, Shumen
Cow farm, village of Markovo, Shumen

"We realized that mechanization is the way to continue with animal husbandry, which is our main activity. We are now moving only in this direction - to reduce manual labor as much as possible, because labor is difficult to find. We started working with Agritop because we were offered suitable solutions for us ", Georgi Georgiev, owner of the cow farm

The cow farm raises dairy cows and their livestock. Agritop is implementing a manure cleaning system in the barn with scrapers, a DeLaval central milk line with six milking machines and a DeLaval milk storage cooling tank.

The mechanization of these two main processes for dairy farms significantly simplifies work processes and leads to a reduction of workers needed - out of six workers, only one is now needed to service the barn.
The farm also employs a Weidemann 4512 telehandler, a forage trailer and a baler, purchased from Agritop.