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Dairy farm, village of Glufishevo, Sliven (VIDEO)
Dairy farm, village of Glufishevo, Sliven (VIDEO)

"We have been working with Agritop for many years. We are extremely pleased with the partnership with Agritop. Thanks to his consultations and the Agritop team, we have already managed to implement several projects together.
Thanks to Agritop and what they did here, we increased the milk yield a lot. We are very happy to see our farm in this form. The equipment, the cow barn and the milking parlor are things we used to watch in videos from modern western farms, but now this is a reality on our farm. This guarantees us peace of mind and productivity of the cows, saves us time and labor.
I hope that in the future we will continue to work so well with the team of professionals from Agritop. "
, Jivka Atanasova, owner of the cow farm.

The farm is for raising 150 dairy cows and calves. The equipment belongs to the Swedish manufacturer DeLaval, a world leader in the technique of milking and cooling milk, equipment for livestock farms for raising cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats. Modern milking installation is a type of Herringbone 30 ° by DeLaval, in which the cows are comfortably positioned close to the canal and the milker has easy access to the udder.
At the same time, 20 animals are milked, which are monitored by milk meters for the flow of milk (blood in the milk) to prevent mastitis. Vacuum system that takes the milk directly to a refrigerated milk storage tank. This ensures high hygiene and preservation of the quality of the milk, which does not have direct access to the air and the environment. The milking parlor is also equipped with a selection door, which after milking can easily and quickly separate the cows to perform the respective manipulations with them.

The barn is equipped by Agritop with group boxes and deep fixed bedding.
The technical equipment in the cow farm includes: large water troughs according to the number of animals; fans; windprotection curtains with automated control; manure scraper for cleaning the manure, pushing the manure mass into the receiving shaft, leading it to the manure lagoon by a pump.
Automated calf feeding station, which dispenses milk several times at certain times of the day and at the right temperature, ensuring healthy calves.