Realized Projects

Dairy farm, village of Samuilovo, Sliven
Dairy farm, village of Samuilovo, Sliven

"Thanks to the modern milking system and the herd management system on the farm, high levels of hygiene will be maintained, precise control of the animals and we expect this to contribute to increasing milk production. The milking parlor allows automation of the whole milking process, which will save time and maintain the high quality of the milk. The installation also has a built-in system for washing and disinfection. At the moment the cow farm breeds over 800 cows and with the new modern milking center we will become the most modern farm in Bulgaria. I am also very pleased with the joint work with AGRITOP. ", Filip Malev , owner of the cow farm.

Project done entirely by Agritop. The equipment belongs to the Swedish manufacturer DeLaval, a world leader in milking technology and equipment for livestock farms for cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats.

The equipment includes a modern milking parlor DeLaval, type PARALLEL 2x12, in which the animals are positioned perpendicular to the milking canal and thus guarantees the highest convenience and comfort for milking. At the same time, 24 animals will be milked through a vacuum milking system, which takes the milk directly to a cooling milk tank for milk storage. This ensures high hygiene and preservation of the quality of the milk, which does not have direct access to the air and the environment.

The modern milking installation implements automation systems on the farm through a computerized herd identification and management system from DeLaval, the so-called ALPRO system. Thus, each animal is identified individually by the system and the heat of the animals, the amount of milk milked, the grouping of the animals according to the lactation period, etc. can be effectively controlled.