Realized Projects

DeLaval milking equipment, village of Asen, Stara Zagora
DeLaval milking equipment, village of Asen, Stara Zagora

DeLaval RTS, guaranteeing excellent milk quality, reducing the heavy daily work of breastfeeding mothers.

"Agritop and I implemented the project under measure 121 in 2013. Since then I have not had any problems with their equipment. Most colleagues in the area are still complaining, something is still not working, repairing, repairing ... I advise them: If looking ahead in business I recommend DeLaval, Swedish is also very strong! ", Garib Solak

The RTS system was installed in an existing building in 2013. It has 4 milking machines with cluster MC11 and a washing device.

DeLaval equipment for automated cleaning of manure mass is also installed in the animal breeding building -
Manure cleaning is by means of hydraulically driven sub-rod lines, which take the manure to the manure shaft. This reliable DeLaval system is a very robust solution with a long service life.

DeLaval C5 individual water thoughs made of enameled metal are installed in the barn, which are easy to clean and provide enough water per minute.