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ERBULL Farm, Bansko
ERBULL Farm, Bansko

The farm raises 180 animals - dairy and meat. The animals are of the Simmental and Limousin breeds. They cultivate agricultural land on which they grow corn, grain and other agricultural crops for animal feed and pastures.
In the farm Agritop realizes - an external feeding table with clamps on the food front, a machine for veterinary manipulations for dairy cows, a comb for DeLaval cows, Weidemann loaders and Riela milled field.

The Weidemann T5522 is very compact and maneuverable. On the farm it is used for all activities related to animals, especially for indoor activities. With a width of 1.80 m and a height of 1.95 m, it is ideal for cleaning animal bedding areas or distributing and arriving food on food trails. We also use it to clean all areas of the farm. "

Weidemann 3080 CXT is used for all heavier work related to agriculture, animal husbandry and transport activities. It is used to harvest the grain and load the feed dispenser. It is also actively involved in the process of ensiling and baling. Equipped with a construction bucket, it has impressive capabilities for transferring sand and other materials to trucks, leveling areas and transporting construction materials.

"We used to use various other machines, but they did not meet all our needs that arise in animal husbandry. The daily activities were carried out mainly by the workers. Once the Weidemann T5522 started doing everything on its own, me and my employees were extremely pleased. So I decided to buy another larger telescopic model. We already own the Weidemann 3080T
I am very happy with the Weidemann brand, I am already an absolute fan of it. Their quality is impeccable, and more importantly, the maintenance and service from Agritop are excellent and their response is very fast. "