Realized Projects

Equipment of a sheep farm and installation of a milking parlor DeLaval, Etropole
Equipment of a sheep farm and installation of a milking parlor DeLaval, Etropole

The sheep farm breeds 450 sheep of the West Stara Planina sheep breed.

In 2017, the owners of the farm are implementing a project under measure 4.1 together with Agritop.

In the existing building Agritop implements Milking Hall for sheep Sheep DeLaval SG 2x18 / 36, with 36 places for milking and 36 milking clusters with electronic measurement of milk and automatic removal of milking clusters.

After the introduction of the DeLaval Milking Hall on the farm, they achieved a 35% increase in milk yield and very high milk quality.

"I chose the best milking equipment from Agritop. The advantages after the realization of the project are many, but the most important thing is that with DeLaval and with the increase of the conditions for raising the animals I got very high quality milk. This gives me security when buying. Also a great demand for the products we produce. We also raised the milk yield by 35%. "

The animals are biologically certified, one part of the extracted raw material is sold by farmers as cheese and milk of their own production, and the rest is sold at the dairy.

Agritop also equips buildings for raising animals. They are open with windshields, roller doors are installed on the bed areas and food paths.

The implemented project also includes a German milled field RIELA, an auger grain loader and a cage for concentrated fodder. Thus, the system allows direct mechanical loading of the feeders to the milking parlor with feed rations.

The equipment also includes: Individual water thoughs, one-sided feeders for bulk feed
and trough PVC feeders;