Realized Projects

Family goat farm, Yablanovo, Kotel
Family goat farm, Yablanovo, Kotel

Implemented project under measure 4.1 of Agritop in 2016, which includes design, construction and equipment of Goat Farm in the village of Yablanovo.
The goat farm raises 350 goats, of which 180 are milked.
"Milking with DeLaval makes it very easy for us - the installation is easy and the process is very fast. DeLaval solves the problem with the main thing - finding labor. Agritop created the farm so that my family and another worker can cope with daily tasks. ", Zeinel Gazi

The goat farm has a DeLaval SG Parallel 1x12 milking parlor with 12 places for milking and 12 milking machines, with fast output, basic automation with electronic pulsators and automatic loading of the feeders to the milking parlor with feed rations.
The milk is taken directly to an open cooling bath DeLaval with a capacity of 800 liters.
The farm equipment also includes:

  • Group trough feeders with restrictive railings for goats;
  • Trough feeder feeders with restrictive tubular railings;
  • Restrictive occipital structure for food path;
  • Feeder for concentrated feed and feeding, suitable for small goats
  • DeLaval individual barn drinkers made of high quality cast iron coated with acid-resistant enamel;
  • Group trough drinker made of durable PVC material with adjustable in height;
  • Movable partitions for forming boxes and partitioning groups;
  • The building for raising animals is fitted with a windshield blind for barns - With actuator drive and quick-opening roller doors AGROTEL for barn with electric drive;
The cycle is closed with a mobile dairy, which produces cheese, yellow cheese and milk.