Investments for generations
Investments for generations

Young people in animal husbandry - Yaman Husman, manager of the farm "Karadja-FAG" Ltd.

"We have been working with Agritop since 2006. Our joint projects continue to this day because they are fair and offer us quality products," says manager Yaman Husman.

The main activity of Karadja-FAG Ltd. is related to agriculture and animal husbandry and dates back to 1993. The founder and manager of is Mr. Gunay Husman. He and his wife, Ms. Mahmure Husman, are certified agronomists dedicated to agriculture for nearly 30 years. During these years, with tireless work and perseverance, Mr. Husman built today's modern look of the farm.

Today, their cow farm in the village of Dragomaj raises 900 animals and cultivates 35,000 decares of land in the area of ​​Isperih municipality, Popovo municipality and Razgrad municipality. These activities are now mainly taken care of by the son of the Husman family - Yaman. At the request of his mother, he graduated from the Vocational School of Veterinary Medicine in Dobrich with a degree in Veterinary Technician.

"Ever since he was a child, Yaman loved farming, he spent a lot of time with his father in the fields. We saw his love and hoped that one day our children would take over the farm. Both then and now I am convinced that in order to develop a good enterprise, such as a farm, you need to understand every process of it. That's why we wanted him to receive a proper education so that he knows and sees everything that happens to animals and is able to make the right decisions in the management of the farm, "said Mahmure Husman.

Yaman Husmen continues his education at the Agricultural University - Plovdiv with a degree in Plant Protection. Already a graduate, he took over the management of the modern and efficient farm. He continues to develop it with hard work and love for what he does, as well as with a daily presence on the farm.
Karadja-FAG Ltd. is constantly striving to improve production by facilitating processes with automation and the use of new and quality machinery and equipment.

"We are convinced that it is very important to invest in the economy, to constantly upgrade and develop. When we invest, we don't just think about today - we invest in the future of our generations, " said Mahmure Husman.

In 2019, Agritop designs and equips a new stable for raising 370 dairy cows and a milking building with an implemented DeLaval PARALLEL 2x16 milking installation with automatic removal of milking machines, electronic measurement of milk and blood and electrical conductivity.
A high-quality vacuum system takes the milk directly to DeLaval refrigeration tanks for storage. This ensures high hygiene and quality preservation. Milk does not have direct access to air and the environment. The milking installation has a DeLaval DelPro herd identification and management system.

"After the modernization of the farm, which we did with Agritop - construction of a new barn and implementation of the milking installation DeLaval 2x16, we increased milk production and increased the health of the animals. Moreover, we have improved all the work processes on the farm and halved the milking time ", Yaman notes the advantages of the investment.

Yaman Husman was taught by his father that in order to bear fruit, you must first be a good steward. His vision for development is to create excellent conditions for their workers. In this way, he solved the labor problem and created a team of people with long-term plans to work on the farm.

"We try to create the best conditions for our employees. That is why with Agritop we carefully choose what to invest in in order to achieve excellent optimization of the processes, to make the implementation of daily tasks easy and fast. Thanks to this, today we have an excellent team of employees, to whom we provide very good conditions. In this way, they easily do their job, are calm and are correct to the set tasks ", Yaman is happy.

Currently, 360 animals are being milked, which involves two milkers. The animal health and other processes in the farm are taken care of by a team of three young specialists - a veterinarian, a veterinary technician and the youngest member of the team, who is a student from the Thracian University, majoring in Veterinary Medicine.

"With the DeLaval DelPro farm management system, I receive the necessary information around the clock. In this way I can plan better and make the right decisions that are directly related to the health of the herd, the quality and quantity of milk produced. "DelPro provides extremely accurate and reliable information about the heat of the animals, which is very useful for the work of the doctor," adds Husman.

The building is designed and equipped according to all requirements for humane animal husbandry. The equipment is of high quality and provides comfort to the animals, which leads to an increase in their health. The boxes have extremely soft and strong synthetic mattresses with a moisture-resistant coating that keeps them dry and free of germs.

The buildings are open longitudinally with installed German windshields, which are made of the highest quality materials and have no analogue on the market. They have achieved natural air movement and natural light in buildings. Swinging teats for DeLaval cows are installed, which improve the comfort and health of cows and increase their productivity.

The building for raising animals has a system for cleaning and removing manure with rope scraper lines for fertilizer paths - manure scraper with the lowest energy consumption. The manure is stored in a dug lagoon built by Agritop. The homogenization of the fertilizer mass is done with a powerful tractor mixer, for 2 days twice a year!

"We have selected and implemented some of the best technological solutions for the farm. We are currently actively working to further improve herd genetics. We recently bought new animals from Germany. We have a long-term selection program with which to renew the herd and achieve even higher results. Our goal is to pass over 30 liters of milk from an animal. That's why we continue to modernize every detail and process to increase production."