Realized Projects

Milking parlor DeLaval Parallel 2x24
Milking parlor DeLaval Parallel 2x24

In an existing modern cow farm, which raises 500 dairy cows, the Agritop team performed planning and installation of a high-tech milking parlor DeLaval Parallel 2x24.
The milking parlor has automatic removal of the milking clusters, electronic measurement of the milk, reading of blood and electrical conductivity and comfort start function for the milking clusters.

The milking parlor is fully automated and has a DeLaval DelPro herd management system. DelPro provides the most accurate and reliable information on animal activity. DeLPro is an extremely accurate system of fertilization, which increases the success of insemination.

The milking system has a high quality vacuum system. DeLaval vacuum pumps provide a reliable vacuum for efficient extraction and transport of milk, as well as for efficient cleaning of the entire system. DeLaval vacuum systems ensure that vacuum regulators, pulsators and appliances function optimally in a smooth and precise milking process, thanks to the stable vacuum level.