Milking systems

DeLaval milking systems allows you to produce more milk with better quality.
Poor quality milking installations do not meet the new standarts for fast cow traffic, herd size or milking quality requirements. Outdated milking equipment can cause problems with milk quality and udder health. Your old milking equipment is working for like 1,500 to 2,000 hours a year and if it is not renewed, it will not operate at its optimum performance.
DeLaval milking systems are flexible and allow farmers to start small and upgrade later if needed. As an official DeLaval representative, we offer all kinds of milking systems - for small, medium and large farms and our team of experts provide the right solution for your specific farm and needs.

Agritop offers the entire product range of DeLaval, a world leader in the dairy sector:
  • milk indicators
  • milk meters
  • milking clusters
  • liners
  • milk tubes
  • vacuum automations
  • sort gates and systems and others

Agritop Ltd. is an official representative of DeLaval for Bulgaria. The company supplies highly efficient system solutions for milking, herd management, animal control, feeding and offers fast and reliable certified service.