Milling plants

Quality fodder from your own production.

Our milling plants provide high-quality mixed feed and independence in its production. With our Milling plants or small feed workshops, you can produce your own quality feed. They are highly productive and suitable for small, medium and large livestock farms.

Nutrition is a fundamental prerequisite for achieving optimum efficiency on the farm. By creating a correct feed balance, you can increase the productivity of animals - weight gain in meat husbandry and increase in milk yield in dairy husbandry. Optimizing feeding management and technology is therefore a profitable investment that can improve both the reproduction and the health of the entire herd.

Having the right equipment for quality grinding and mixing of feed for animal rations is essential to successful farm management. Our milling plants guarantee you this and give you independence in the production of mixed feed. Investing in equipment for in-house feed production is an effective method of achieving efficiency in feeding animals and the ability to follow recipes for individual groups of animals. Thus, agricultural producers - animal breeders can use their own agricultural production, as well as dose the grain according to their own recipes. Another advantage is that they are very compact and can be upgraded at any moment with silos for grain storage, textile cages for storing the milled feed and automated systems for precise addition of components.