Nikolay Stefchov received the annual award
Nikolay Stefchov received the annual award "Agribusinessman of Bulgaria" for 2017

The manager and owner of the company "Agritop" Nikolay Stefchov received the high distinction "Agribusinessman of Bulgaria" for 2017. The award was presented to him personally by the Speaker of the National Assembly Tsveta Karayancheva during the ceremony, which gathered on 6th of December, representatives of the executive power, the Ministry of Agriculture , ministries of food and forests, Agriculture State fund, farmers and trading companies.
The annual prize "Agribusinessman of Bulgaria" is organized by "Bulgarian Farmer" and Media Group Bulgaria. This is the first and most authoritative award in the industry, presented by the media, which honors businessmen and companies that have achieved indisputable success in the agrarian sector.

The choice of Nikolay Stefchov as the recipient of the high distinction is due to the consistent and upgrading approach in the management of the company "Agritop", with which he was able to establish the company as an undisputed leader in the sector.

With the "Agritop" team, Stefchov not only supports the development of Bulgarian livestock breeding, but also contributes to the multiplication of sustainably developing modern livestock farms in the country. The company imposes a work model that is in favor of the Bulgarian agriculture and animal husbandry - correct and competent consulting, providing a working solution and fairness to customers.

"I am extremely happy and proud of this award. I accept this award on behalf of all our customers and colleagues. I bow before you!" said Mr. Stefchov in his words of thanks.

He congratulated his colleagues and thanked them for their hard and dedicated work:

"This award is an appreciation of the work of our team so far over the years, the work of the clients and partners we work with. It is a reward for everyone."