Agritop opened a new trade center in Northern Bulgaria. The impressive building is located in the town of Dolni Dabnik, Pleven. The company has completely strengthened its position in the agricultural market with the opening of the new modern technological trade center. The opening of the new center is also connected with the celebration of the 15th anniversary since the establishment of the company.

Over 300 farmers, guests, friends, long-term customers and partners of "Agritop" became part of the spectacular event. The mayor of Dolni Dabnik, Borislav Stanimirov, the chairman of the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria Ventsislav Varbanov and the chairman of the National Union of Cattle Breeders in Bulgaria Dimitar Zorov gave their congratulations.

The Chairman of the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria, Vencislav Varbanov, congratulated Nikolay Stefchov and his team and emphasized that by choosing a place for the center, Mr. Stefchov hit the jackpot, as there are many livestock breeders in the area and there was a need for such a trade center. The place brings the company's activities closer to the farmers themselves, said the chairman of the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria. On behalf of the association, Ventsislav Varbanov presented a diploma to "Agritop" for contribution to the development and modernization of Bulgarian animal husbandry.

Dimitar Zorov also congratulated the company and said that it has followed the right path of development, following the needs of the business, that the company is always up to date with technology, and the new company center will facilitate the access of farmers to modern technological solutions.

The mayor of the city of Dolni Dabnik, Borislav Stanimirov, noted that the municipality has trends and prospects for the development of animal husbandry, thanked the company for choosing the city as its company trade center and said that its team can count on the support of the municipality because "Agritop" will contribute to the development of animal husbandry in Dolni Dabnik and throughout the region and wished to the company many new and satisfied customers.

"Agritop" is an official distributor of DeLaval, Weidemann, Joskin, Riela, Tomas Fritsche and Budissa Bag brands. On the occasion of the opening of the center, all business partners of the company gave a greeting.

According to an old Bulgarian tradition, a solemn water blessing was performed by Father Antoniy for prosperity.
Nikolay Stefchov, Maria Delieva, Ventsislav Varbanov and Borislav Stanimirov officially launched the new technology trade center in Dolni Dabnik with a symbolic ribbon cutting.

The goals of the AGRITOP team are to be even closer to the Bulgarian farmers in Northern Bulgaria and to advance their development and engineering activities in the region.

"We will not change our services, rather we will improve what we offer. We will be better structured, we will be better organized, which in turn is faster and more professional customer service. For us, this actually means a step forward in developing our engineering activity. In this center, we will have a very good opportunity to advance development activities, to experiment, which we hope will be to our advantage in the future," said Nikolay Stefchov.

AGRITOP's partners were extremely satisfied with the investment they saw and shared that they now have even more expectations for increasing the company's market share in Bulgaria.

The new trade center has an outdoor exhibition area, a showroom and a large warehouse. A training hall is planned in the shopping center, where the company will hold seminars for the exchange of experience with foreign and Bulgarian lecturers. Farmers can benefit from the competent employees of AGRITOP in the city of Dolni Dabnik and receive professional advice on how to make reasonable investments for a more profitable agriculture.

AGRITOP has always been a company that strives for newness and innovation. Even during the opening of their new center, they already have a plan for their next investments and improvements.
"We plan to develop our shopping center in the future, already next year we will break ground and complete a further extension with a service center, which of course will contribute to our better organized service activity and the quality of our work." , added Mr. Stefchov.

Diploma from the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria 395 Kb (pdf) download
Congratulations from the National Union of Cattle Breeders in Bulgaria 257 Kb (pdf) download
Congratulations from the International Fair Plovdiv 592 Kb (pdf) download