Realized Projects

Pig farm, village of Mechkarevo, Sliven
Pig farm, village of Mechkarevo, Sliven

I chose AGRITOP and I did not make a mistake, the implementation is of exceptional quality. I have seen other livestock farms built by AGRITOP, in addition, they offered me German equipment that is extremely high quality and allows the pig farm to meet all European criteria for animal welfare. I also want to mention that their service is at a very high level. ", Petar Baichev, owner of the pig farm

The project is made entirely by Agritop. The equipment is from the German company SCHULZ.

The pig farm's equipment includes a computer for full climate control, feeding, cooling and ventilation.

The animals are kept in single tube boxes for sows and group boxes for adolescents and fattening animals.
Feeding is done through automated feeding belts, group feeders and individual tubular barriers in sows.
A complete set of delivery boxes has been built, including a plastic grill floor for offspring, a cast iron grill floor for the mother, a delivery tube box, feeders and drinkers.
The cooling system in the pig farm has nozzles and water mist.
Manure is discharged through a fertilizer pump into a metal fertilizer lagoon of 1100 cubic meters. This eliminates spillage and there is no pollution.
Agritop works together with established German manufacturers of equipment for pig farms and performs complete design and construction of pig farms.