Realized Projects

Cow farm for 120 animals in the village of Yarlovo

Complete equipment of a dairy farm and implemented DeLaval milking parlor, Herringbone type 2x6 with electropulsators, automatic removal of milking machines and recording the milk flow, waiting room, with the capacity to take a group of animals. The movement of the animals from the bed areas to the milking parlor will be done in a short time, respectively will reduce the total milking time and will increase the biosecurity measures. After milking, the cows go out the shortest way directly to the animal breeding area. The milking parlor has a milk storage room with a milk cooling tank inside, a washing system to the milking parlor and a high-quality vacuum pump.

Roll-up doors for a cow farm, Korten

For maximum comfort of the animals, full satisfaction of their needs and excellent health, we have equipped the building where the elite herd ET "DIANA-MI-MINCHO IVANOV" is bred with the strongest German roller doors Agrotel.

Equipment of a sheep meat farm, village of Rabisha

The technological equipment includes:
Feeding strips for sheep with clamps and bunkers for concentrated feed - 2 lines, 24.00 m long each;
Feeding strips for sheep with clamps and bunkers for concentrated feed - 2 lines, 42.00 m long;
Wooden partitions for boxes;
Metal tubular fences for boxes;
Outdoor courtyards with food paths;
Feeders and water thoughs;

Eco Farm, village of Lepica

Design and equipment from Agritop on a sheep farm in the village of Lepitsa. The technological solutions have created the best conditions for raising dairy sheep.
The equipment includes a DeLaval SG 2x12 milking parlor, with a quick exit, with 24 milking seats and 12 milking clusters, automation of milk flow measurement, vacuum system, washing device and complete technological equipment for all groups of animals.

Reconstruction of a barn K200, Botevgrad

Reconstruction of barn K200 for fattening male calves.

The building has been completely reconstructed, windprotection curtains have been installed on the long facades of the building and the roof lining. The food aisle is double-sided equipped with a restrictive occipital tube, epoxy coating and quick-open roller doors.
The entrances to the fertilizer tracks are equipped with double-leaf doors of galvanized frame construction.

ERBULL Farm, Bansko

The farm raises 180 animals - dairy and meat. The animals are of the Simmental and Limousin breeds. They cultivate agricultural land on which they grow corn, grain and other agricultural crops for animal feed and pastures.
In the farm Agritop realizes - an external feeding table with clamps on the food front, a machine for veterinary manipulations for dairy cows, a comb for DeLaval cows, Weidemann loaders and Riela milled field.

Cow farm in the village of Trem - Complete design and equipment of a new barn

"I chose Agritop to implement the project again because I am already convinced of the quality of the equipment and the efficiency of the technological solutions they implement. It is also very important for me that I get a complete solution from them," said Samet Basri, CEO of Ekani AD.
After the realization of the first project of the company "Ekani" in 2010 in their livestock farm Agritop completely designs and equips a new building for 130 dairy cows.
"The purpose of these investments we make is to optimize daily work tasks, to minimize costs, to maintain the good condition of animals, respectively to increase quality and increase production. With working technological solutions from Agritop we manage to achieve it!"

Cow farm, village of Venets

Equipment of a cow farm for raising dairy cows.
In the farm of the Uzunovi family Agritop implemented a project in 2006. Even today the equipment is still working and in excellent working condition.

The equipment includes: