Realized Projects

Cow farm for 120 animals in the village of Yarlovo

Complete equipment of a dairy farm and implemented DeLaval milking parlor, Herringbone type 2x6 with electropulsators, automatic removal of milking machines and recording the milk flow, waiting room, with the capacity to take a group of animals. The movement of the animals from the bed areas to the milking parlor will be done in a short time, respectively will reduce the total milking time and will increase the biosecurity measures. After milking, the cows go out the shortest way directly to the animal breeding area. The milking parlor has a milk storage room with a milk cooling tank inside, a washing system to the milking parlor and a high-quality vacuum pump.

Roll-up doors for a cow farm, Korten

For maximum comfort of the animals, full satisfaction of their needs and excellent health, we have equipped the building where the elite herd ET "DIANA-MI-MINCHO IVANOV" is bred with the strongest German roller doors Agrotel.

Equipment of a sheep meat farm, village of Rabisha

The technological equipment includes:
Feeding strips for sheep with clamps and bunkers for concentrated feed - 2 lines, 24.00 m long each;
Feeding strips for sheep with clamps and bunkers for concentrated feed - 2 lines, 42.00 m long;
Wooden partitions for boxes;
Metal tubular fences for boxes;
Outdoor courtyards with food paths;
Feeders and water thoughs;

Eco Farm, village of Lepica

Design and equipment from Agritop on a sheep farm in the village of Lepitsa. The technological solutions have created the best conditions for raising dairy sheep.
The equipment includes a DeLaval SG 2x12 milking parlor, with a quick exit, with 24 milking seats and 12 milking clusters, automation of milk flow measurement, vacuum system, washing device and complete technological equipment for all groups of animals.

Reconstruction of a barn K200, Botevgrad

Reconstruction of barn K200 for fattening male calves.

The building has been completely reconstructed, windprotection curtains have been installed on the long facades of the building and the roof lining. The food aisle is double-sided equipped with a restrictive occipital tube, epoxy coating and quick-open roller doors.
The entrances to the fertilizer tracks are equipped with double-leaf doors of galvanized frame construction.

ERBULL Farm, Bansko

The farm raises 180 animals - dairy and meat. The animals are of the Simmental and Limousin breeds. They cultivate agricultural land on which they grow corn, grain and other agricultural crops for animal feed and pastures.
In the farm Agritop realizes - an external feeding table with clamps on the food front, a machine for veterinary manipulations for dairy cows, a comb for DeLaval cows, Weidemann loaders and Riela milled field.

Cow farm in the village of Trem - Complete design and equipment of a new barn

"I chose Agritop to implement the project again because I am already convinced of the quality of the equipment and the efficiency of the technological solutions they implement. It is also very important for me that I get a complete solution from them," said Samet Basri, CEO of Ekani AD.
After the realization of the first project of the company "Ekani" in 2010 in their livestock farm Agritop completely designs and equips a new building for 130 dairy cows.
"The purpose of these investments we make is to optimize daily work tasks, to minimize costs, to maintain the good condition of animals, respectively to increase quality and increase production. With working technological solutions from Agritop we manage to achieve it!"

Cow farm, village of Venets

Equipment of a cow farm for raising dairy cows.
In the farm of the Uzunovi family Agritop implemented a project in 2006. Even today the equipment is still working and in excellent working condition.

The equipment includes:

Family cow farm, village of Lyubenets

"We have been working with Agritop for years, the first project we did with them was for manure and Joskin fertilizer machines. In 2012, under measure 121, we reconstructed an existing building with them and installed a DeLaval 2x3 milking parlor, a herringbone with a DeLaval milk storage and cooling tank and a forage trailer. The whole family works on the farm, our only activity is animal husbandry, so we choose carefully what we buy to make it sustainable and work easier. We modernize things step by step. We trust Agritop completely, because whatever we took from them turned out to be very high quality and has been working without problems for 10 years. We have their support and they react very quickly to everything. "

Milking parlor DeLaval Parallel 2x24

In an existing modern cow farm, which raises 500 dairy cows, the Agritop team performed planning and installation of a high-tech milking parlor DeLaval Parallel 2x24.
The milking parlor is fully automated and has a DeLaval DelPro herd management system.

Cow farm Karadja-FAG, village of Dragomaj, Isperih

Design and equipment of a dairy farm for dairy cows.
The farm consists of two buildings for raising animals and one building with a milking parlor, a dairy ward and a maternity ward.
Agritop implements the DeLaval PARALLEL 2x16 milking parlor with automatic removal of milking clusters, electronic measurement of milk and blood and electrical conductivity.

Family goat farm, Yablanovo, Kotel

Implemented project under measure 4.1 of Agritop in 2016, which includes design, construction and equipment of Goat Farm in the village of Yablanovo.
The goat farm raises 350 goats, of which 180 are milked.
"Milking with DeLaval makes it very easy for us - the installation is easy and the process is very fast. DeLaval solves the problem with the main thing - finding labor. Agritop created the farm so that my family and another worker can cope with daily tasks. ", Zeinel Gazi

Equipment of a sheep farm and installation of a milking parlor DeLaval, Etropole

The sheep farm breeds 450 sheep of the West Stara Planina sheep breed.
In 2017, the owners of the farm are implementing a project under measure 4.1 together with Agritop. In the existing building Agritop implements Milking Hall for sheep Sheep DeLaval SG 2x18 / 36, with 36 places for milking and 36 milking clusters with electronic measurement of milk and automatic removal of milking clusters.
After the introduction of the DeLaval Milking Hall on the farm, they achieved a 35% increase in milk yield and very high milk quality. The animals are biologically certified, one part of the extracted raw material is sold by farmers as cheese and milk of their own production, and the rest is sold at the dairy.

Sheep farm, Northern Bulgaria

In the existing Agritop sheep farm we design and implement a new milking center, technological equipment and machines for the sheep farm;
The milking center is equipped with a DeLaval SG Parallel Midiline 2x12 milking parlor with electronic milk measurement and automatic relocation of the milking machines with a washing device and a high-quality vacuum system; DeLaval milk storage cooling tank with a capacity of 1650 l and electronic milk measurement;

DeLaval milking equipment, village of Asen, Stara Zagora

DeLaval RTS, guaranteeing excellent milk quality, reducing the heavy daily work of breastfeeding mothers.

"Agritop and I implemented the project under measure 121 in 2013. Since then I have not had any problems with their equipment. Most colleagues in the area are still complaining, something is still not working, repairing, repairing ... I advise them: If looking ahead in business I recommend DeLaval, Swedish is also very strong! ", Garib Solak

Pig farm, village of Roza, Yambol

Complete design and equipment from Agritop of a pig farm for breeding 3500 pigs for fattening.

Agritop works together with established German manufacturers of equipment for pig farms and performs complete design and construction of pig farms.

Barn for mothers and dry cows in the farm ET Boryana Zlatanova, Zhelyazno

Construction of a barn for mothers and dry cows in the Plovdiv farm ET Boryana Zlatanova. It is the third stable on the farm after the equipment from Agritop of the first two in 2015 - for dairy cows with birth boxes and a milking parlor and a stable for growing animals.
See the first stage of the investment
A technological solution for the new barn was developed by Agritop. It has a deep straw bed and will be cleaned with a Weidemann loader. The barn is high enough to provide the necessary amount of air and light.

Meat farm, village of Bosna

Construction of yards for the boxes with an existing barn and a covered food path.
The courtyards are made of galvanized doors, and the food front is solved with an adjustable two-row occipital tube for each box according to the age of the animals.

Wooden barn for fattening male calves, Kovachitsa village

Construction of a barn for fattening male calves with a wooden structure. The technology of the project is German, developed jointly with the investor, Agritop and their German consultants.

The first stage of the great investment intention - construction of a complete livestock complex was realized in 2015 and represents four stables for mothers with calves. The second stage has already been realized - construction of a barn for fattening male calves with a wooden structure.

Cow farm, Glufishevo village - Complete design and equipment of a new barn with a capacity of 230 animals

"We have been working with Agritop for many years, with them we realized the first project to build a barn with a milking center DeLaval in 2015. Now we chose them again because they are extremely loyal, they help us a lot in the process - with advice and presentation of modern and working solutions. "

The new barn has a capacity of 230 cows with individual boxes with galvanized constructions and mattresses, made of a special synthetic braid of the upper layer and filling with a special soft material, resistant to high loads;

Reconstruction of barn, type K200, village of Samuilovo, Sliven

After the construction of a modern milking center with a DeLaval milking parlor, type PARALEL 2x12 in 2014, the cow farm of the Malevi Agritop family is reconstructing an old barn in 2018.
The reconstructed barn has a manure cleaning system with scrapers, dividers and rubber beds for animals, DeLaval fans and teats and group water thoughs.

Cow farm, village of Trem, Shumen

"In the barn all the equipment is from Agritop - rubber mattresses for beds, dividers, rear tube on the feeding table, manure cleaning system and teats. I have not changed or repaired anything on this equipment for 10 years. I can call this a return of the investment. We are currently building a new barn with them again! ”, Samet Basri
The first barn on the farm was designed and equipped by Agritop in 2010.
Open side facades with windprotection curtains, ensuring very good air movement in the building in a natural way - reducing ammonia in the air and the entry of fresh air and optimize the climate.

Bio sheep farm in the town of Dolni Dabnik (VIDEO)

The modern sheep farm in the town of Dolni Dabnik with a capacity of 2000 sheep is designed and equipped entirely by Agritop.
Agritop develops and applies modern technology for raising dairy sheep.
The sheep farm consists of two buildings for raising animals and one with a milking center, a selection and a lamb zone;
The buildings have windproof blinds that provide daylight and excellent ventilation, which has achieved:

Cow farm, Okorsh village, 2010

The first realized investment project with Agritop was implemented in 2010.
The project includes the implementation of a DeLaval herringbone 2x6 milking installation and the purchase of a Weidemann 2070T loader.

Cow and buffalo farm, Dermantsi village, Lovech

The farm is designed, built and equipped by Agritop.
The farm has a modern central milk pipeline, guaranteeing excellent milk quality, reducing the heavy daily work of milkers. DeLaval offers the best technology for fixed milking. The entire program for the central milk pipeline is designed and built according to the conditions for milking and milk collection. High-tech milking machines have clusters of the highest class. They are with the measurement of the amount of milk and a system that stabilizes the vacuum, for a constant vacuum during milking, regardless of the milk flow.

Bio cow farm, village Dobrodan, Troyan

"The most important thing for the farmers is, in the end, who is behind them - service, support and attitude, and I find Agritop for a fair company, Ivan Danchev, owner of an organic farm with Dobrodan.
"Weidemann is a brand that adheres to quality, and Agritop in its role as a trader is an extremely fair company. I have been working with them since 2012 and we have mutual trust, whatever is said is being implemented.", Ivan Danchev

The whole interview with Ivan Danchev ...

Sheep farm, Saedinenie, Plovdiv

An ambitious team of professionals raises 2,600 elite Lacon milk sheep in the town of Saedinenie. With the help of Agritop specialists, they continue to upgrade the elite breeding farm and create standards for efficient animal husbandry.

"We had a lot of problems with both the design and the milking equipment, which we managed to fix with the competent intervention of specialists and colleagues from Italy. Then, on the recommendation of Italian experts from DeLaval, we turned to Agritop for service support. fruitful cooperation with Agritop. Now 900 sheep are milked in the modern hall in 2 hours. ", Elena Ustalakova, project manager of Verde Farm.
The sheep farm raises 2,600 Lacon animals.
3 automated food strips are installed in the sheep farm.


"Thanks to the quality polyethylene sleeves and silage equipment of Budisa Bag, as well as the good cooperation with Agritop, we have not had problems with silage or poor quality silage for powering the installations for 5 years now," said Chavdar Aigatov, manager of biogas plant, Chernozemen village, Plovdiv
The two biogas plants, built and operated by the company "Ellon" near Plovdiv, work with equipment for storage and preservation of Budissa Bag silage from Agritop. Since the creation of biogas plants, our customers have been ensiling only in Budissa bag plastic bags and with the help of Joskin trailers and tanks.

Dairy farm, village of Glufishevo, Sliven (VIDEO)

"We have been working with Agritop for many years. We are extremely pleased with the partnership with Agritop. Thanks to his advice and the Agritop team, we were able to complete several projects together. Thanks to Agritop and what they did here, we increased the milk yield a lot. We are very happy to see our farm in this form. The equipment, the cow barn and the milking parlor are things we used to watch in videos from modern western farms, but now this is a reality in our farm. This guarantee us peace and productivity of the cows, it saves us time and ... ", Jivka Atanasova, owner

Cow farm, village of Jelyazno, Plovdiv, 2015

"We will continue to work with Agritop, as we are very pleased with our joint work. We have stopped choosing them because they are professionals, flexible and available 24 hours a day," said Dr. Mariel Merjanov. manager of the cow farm.
Cow farm for raising dairy cows and young calves. The project is made entirely by Agritop.
The equipment belongs to the Swedish manufacturer DeLaval, a world leader in milking technology and equipment for livestock farms for cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats.

Farm for breeding and fattening cattle and calves, village of Kovachica, Montana, 2015

"With Agritop we built a model farm that meets the latest trends in beef cattle breeding in Europe. The experts of the company and their German partners met our highest requirements and the end result is a perfectly executed project. The farm is designed and equipped according to all requirements and norms for effective breeding of beef cattle breeds, which optimizes the maximum quantity and quality of our products ", Stefka Boeva, representative of the farm.
The livestock farm is a farm for raising and fattening 350 cows and 125 young animals. It is located near the city of Montana. This project, entirely designed and equipped by Agritop, consists of four stables for cows and calves.

Dairy farm, village of Samuilovo, Sliven

"Thanks to the modern milking system and the herd management system on the farm, high levels of hygiene will be maintained, precise control of the animals and we expect this to contribute to increasing milk production. The milking parlor allows automation of the whole milking process, which will save time and maintain the high quality of the milk. The installation also has a built-in system for washing and disinfection. At the moment the cow farm breeds over 800 cows and with the new modern milking center we will become the most modern farm in Bulgaria. I am also very pleased with the joint work with AGRITOP. ", Filip Malev , owner of the cow farm.

Pig farm, village of Mechkarevo, Sliven

I chose AGRITOP and I did not make a mistake, the implementation is of exceptional quality. I have seen other livestock farms built by AGRITOP, in addition, they offered me German equipment that is extremely high quality and allows the pig farm to meet all European criteria for animal welfare. I also want to mention that their service is at a very high level. ", Petar Baichev, owner of the pig farm

Cow farm, village of Markovo, Shumen

"We realized that mechanization is the way to continue with animal husbandry, which is our main activity. We are now moving only in this direction - to reduce manual labor as much as possible, because labor is difficult to find. We started working with Agritop because we were offered suitable solutions for us ", Georgi Georgiev, owner of the cow farm

The cow farm raises dairy cows and their livestock. Agritop is implementing a manure cleaning system in the barn with scrapers, a DeLaval central milk line with six milking machines and a DeLaval milk storage cooling tank.

Calf breeding and fattening farm, Botevgrad, 2015

"In the face of Agritop I found real supporters. Accurate, communicative, true professionals. I am very pleased with the brilliant performance of the farm, as well as the equipment that is world class," Valya Semkova, owner of the farm
He adds that he continues to work with them. The farm near Botevgrad is a farm for raising and fattening 150 calves. This is also a project entirely done by Agritop, which includes: design and equipment.

Cow farm, Smirnenski village, Montana (VIDEO)

"We breeders ourselves must now emphasize modern technologies, as they save money, labor and expensive animal treatment. After we built and equipped the new stable with AGRITOP and implemented the modern milking parlor, our animals are now healthier and we have increased the milk yield by about 30%. ", Boryana Blagoeva, owner of the cow farm
The farm is designed, built and equipped by AGRITOP. The site includes a barn for 150 dairy cows and calves. The milking installation is type DeLaval 2x8 Parallel.

Sheep farm, Belene, 2014

"Almost everything in the sheep farm was delivered and installed by AGRITOP - all the equipment of the farm, starting from the milking installation, passing through the milk bath with a capacity of 600 liters, the equipment of the milled field, the outbuilding, the two Joskin trailers, the baler, the loader Weidemann, the bucket and all the office equipment and you get to the computers and refrigerators - all included. We are very pleased with our joint work with AGRITOP, we accept them as our partner and therefore we will continue to work with them in our next projects ", Krassimir Valkov , manager of the cow farm

Sheep farm, Pisarovo village

"I am extremely pleased with our joint work with Agritop, their quick response, timely service and provision of spare parts and consumables. We recently had a problem with an electric shock, it was late in the evening, their service team arrived at the farm in 20 minutes and the problem was fixed. In the face of Agritop we found the right partner ", Teodora Valova, owner of the sheep farm

The sheep farm in the Pleven village of Pisarovo raises about 1,000 sheep - asav, avasi and Pleven black-headed. Milking is done with a modern milking parlor DeLaval 2X12 SG parallel for sheep.
The modern milking parlor is the first for Bulgaria with the new construction of DeLavl. The milking parlor is equipped with windbreaks and a tank for cooling and storing milk.

Sheep farm, Petarnitsa village, Pleven

For me, direct contact with the people I work with is very important. And AGRITOP guides you, advises you, puts you in the situation. In addition, service is very important for high-tech systems, and they do it perfectly, explains Galina. to rely on AGRITOP, and I will continue to work with them in the future ", Galina Mircheva.

Agritop equipment includes a DeLaval 2X12 SG parallel milking parlor for sheep, equipped with an ALPRO flock management system, a DeLaval cooling tank and a sheep feed strip.

Cow farm in the village of Slakovtsi, Pernik

A project made entirely by Agritop. The cow farm is for 150 dairy cows. The site consists of a stable for cows with individual boxing, the advantage of which is to provide greater peace and protection of animals and milking parlor Delaval type Herringbone.

Horse farm, village of Yagodovo

Design and equipment of Agritop on a horse farm.
The equipment is German and includes: doors and partitions, boxes, water troughs for horses, solarium for horses, outdoor areas.

Cow farm, village of Gorna Kremena (VIDEO)

Cow farm for dairy cows in the village of Gorna Kremena. The farm was reconstructed and expanded by Agritop.
The farm breeds 120 dairy cows, 53 dry cows, 45 heifers and 60 calves.
Agritop equipment includes: DeLaval 2x6 milking parlor, milk cooling and storage tank, scraper for manure cleaning, windprotection curtains on the barn, forage trailer and automated calf feeding robot.

Cow farm, town of Koynare, Pleven

Cow farm for dairy cows in the town of Koynare. The technical equipment in the cow farm includes: windprotection curtains with automated control; fertilizer scrapers for cleaning manure, fans and swinging DeLaval tweezers.
The cow farm is equipped with a milking installation of the Swedish manufacturer DeLaval type Herringbone 30 °, in which the cows are comfortably positioned close to the canal and the milker has easy access to the udder.
10 animals are milked at the same time.

Cow farm, village of Golyamo Asenovo, Dimitrovgrad, 2008

The project consists of a stable for cows and a stable for young animals. There is a concrete fertilizer lagoon and an underground fertilizer lagoon, homogenizing fertilizer daily.
The cow farm is equipped with a DeLaval milking parlor, windprotection curtains, fans and water troughs.
There is an excellent option for raising calves. It is made of galvanized steel pipes and covering specialized PVC foil with UV protection. The special PVC film with UV protection protects the animals from the negative effects of the weather, such as wind, rain or snow. UV protection repels the sun's rays, providing cool air during the summer. It houses individual igloos for calves.

Cow farm Lukovit - Raising calves version

It is made of galvanized steel pipes and covering specialized PVC foil with UV protection.
Very suitable for raising animals. The special PVC film with UV protection protects the animals from the negative effects of the weather, such as wind, rain or snow. UV protection repels the sun's rays, providing cool air inside during the summer.
The material is durable at very high and very low temperatures. In the tent there are boxes for group breeding of animals and with the possibility to take the partitions outside and organize a yard.

Cow farm, town of Zavet

The project is a reconstruction of an old barn and construction of a new barn for 80 dairy cows. The cow farm, which was designed, built and equipped by Agritop, has individual boxing, the advantage of which is to ensure greater peace and protection of animals.
The technical equipment in the cow farm includes: large water troughs according to the number of animals; windprotection curtains with automated control; roller doors; manure scraper for cleaning the manure, pushing the manure mass into the receiving shaft, leading it to the manure lagoon by a pump.

Cow farm, village of Dobrinovo, Burgas

"I started working in animal husbandry 12 years ago, a few years later I started working with Agritop. We have already completed several projects. Today we continue our partnership because they are professionals and are very honest. The equipment and equipment we bought from they are extremely high quality, the service is also, which in our industry is of great importance ", Mr. Ivanov, Roca-Agromilk Ltd.
In the cow farm in the village of Dobrinovo 302 dairy cows and their livestock are bred freely. Agritop reconstructs and equips two stables. The equipment in the stables includes: DeLaval milking parlor, milking taxis, four lines of scrapers for...