Realized Projects

Reconstruction of a barn K200, Botevgrad
Reconstruction of a barn K200, Botevgrad

Reconstruction of barn K200 for fattening male calves.

The building has been completely reconstructed, windprotection curtains have been installed on the long facades of the building and the roof lining. The food aisle is double-sided equipped with a restrictive occipital tube, epoxy coating and quick-open roller doors.
The entrances to the fertilizer tracks are equipped with double-leaf doors of galvanized frame construction.

In the meat farm Agritop supplies 4 silos to the German producer Riela for storage of all bulk fodder and meal, cereals, corn, rapeseed, legumes, commodity or seed grain. Feed storage equipment includes elevators, a grain cleaning machine, an aeration fan and an individual modular unloading. Grain storage silos are connected to an automated system for dosing and production of concentrated feed according to individual recipes.

Next to the silos there is a feed shop with 4 textile cages for ready feed.

The feed shop has a fully automated control for grinding and mixing and includes:

Computer for feed kitchen and management of 20 components and up to 50 recipes;
Conveyor auger for ready feed from the mixer;
Dedusting cyclone with filters;
Auger for filling feed cages;
Chain elevator with receiving auger for emptying fodder cages;