Realized Projects

Sheep farm, Belene, 2014
Sheep farm, Belene, 2014

"Almost everything in the sheep farm was delivered and installed by AGRITOP - all the equipment of the farm, starting from the milking installation, passing through the milk bath with a capacity of 600 liters, the equipment of the milled field, the outbuilding, the two Joskin trailers, the baler, the loader Weidemann, the bucket and all the office equipment and you get to the computers and refrigerators - all included. We are very pleased with our joint work with AGRITOP, we accept them as our partner and therefore we will continue to work with them in our next projects ", Krassimir Valkov , manager of the cow farm

The sheep farm is fully equipped by Agritop.
From the basic model milking parlor DeLaval 1x 12 SG for sheep, Agritop upgrades it to 2x12. Now 24 sheep are milked at the same time. In addition, DeLaval's DelPro herd automation and management system has already been implemented. This allows the sheep farm to monitor the amount of raw milk and the flow of milk during milking, as well as the time for which it is milked. The high-tech milking system not only collects these indicators, but also analyzes them, taking into account any deviation or difference in milk yield of each animal.
The removal of the milking machines is automatic, which is a sure guarantee against harmful overeating of sheep. As a result, high milk productivity is maintained and the animals do not develop mastitis.

To increase the efficiency of the sheep farm, the two lamb feeding robots (artificial mothers) are purchased. Thanks to them, 400 lambs born on the sheep farm were raised this year. One such robot can feed a minimum of 200 lambs. And sheep's milk can be milked immediately. Thus, the lactation period of sheep can be extended up to 7 months, which significantly increases the efficiency of the sheep farm. For cooling and storage of milk, the sheep farm is equipped with two DeLaval baths with a capacity of 600 liters.

The sheep farm is equipped with individual and group boxes, group water troughs for sheep and feeders.
The owners of the sheep farm have bought from Agritop milled field Riela, guaranteeing the quality of the fodder they give to their animals.
The milled field is also being upgraded in 2017. With it, the sheep farm prepares the daily amounts of fodder to feed the flock. Textile cages have already been added to the feed kitchen, in which the daily feed reserves can be stored.
The advantages of the investment are indisputable: the whole operation of preparing the feed mixtures can be performed by only one person, as the system is automated and therefore no manual activities are required.
The Riela feed kitchen provides high-quality grinding and mixing of feed.

The farm has a Weidemann 1140 front loader purchased from Agritop with a wide range of work tools that are very easy and quick to replace. The model is extremely suitable for distributing animal feed, cleaning the barn, as well as in agricultural work. Two Joskin transport trailers, a baler and a forage trailer.