Realized Projects

Sheep farm, Northern Bulgaria
Sheep farm, Northern Bulgaria

In the existing Agritop sheep farm we design and implement a new milking center, technological equipment and machines for the sheep farm;
The milking center is equipped with a DeLaval SG Parallel Midiline 2x12 milking parlor with electronic milk measurement and automatic relocation of the milking machines with a washing device and a high-quality vacuum system; DeLaval milk storage cooling tank with a capacity of 1650 l and electronic milk measurement;

Sheep feeding belts with ALBOUY fasteners have been implemented in the existing buildings - 6 lines x 25.00 m and 1 line x 60 m.
Feeding belts for automated distribution of bulk and concentrated feed are made of galvanized construction, bearing bottom of food acid-resistant polyethylene, incl. tensioning station, drive station, control panel, electrical panel with protection and contactors and photosensor.

In the sheep farm they also bought from Agritop:
DeLaval forage trailer
DeLaval professional sheep shearing station
Two-line and three-line electric shepherds for DeLaval sheep
Joskin Trans - KTP 22/55 transport trailer
Weidemann 1140 compact wheel loader