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Sheep farm, Petarnitsa village, Pleven
Sheep farm, Petarnitsa village, Pleven

For me, direct contact with the people I work with is very important. And AGRITOP guides you, advises you, puts you in the situation. In addition, service is very important for high-tech systems, and they do it perfectly, explains Galina. to rely on AGRITOP, and I will continue to work with them in the future ", Galina Mircheva.

Agritop equipment includes a DeLaval 2X12 SG parallel milking parlor for sheep, equipped with an ALPRO flock management system, a DeLaval cooling tank and a sheep feed strip.

DeLaval's ALPRO management system provides complete control of the herd.
Each milking parlor has an individual milking machine and therefore there is no need to wait. After milking - to the last drop of milk, the milking machine separates automatically. For each milking place there is an individual electronic milk meter, which shows the amount of raw material, the flow of milk during milking, as well as the time for which it is milked. The system collects individual data on animals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In this way, the breeder is aware of any change in the milk yield of each animal and can react immediately to a problem.
In the long run, the ALPRO system helps herd selection - inefficient animals are eliminated.
In 2017, the two sheep food strips were installed in the sheep farm. The advantages they list from the farm are - simplification of the work process and reduction of manual labor. Almost no fodder loss, the ability to feed all animals at once, which is important in sheep. An excellent solution for optimizing the space, also for old and reconstructed stables.