Realized Projects

Sheep farm, Pisarovo village
Sheep farm, Pisarovo village

"I am extremely pleased with our joint work with Agritop, their quick response, timely service and provision of spare parts and consumables. We recently had a problem with an electric shock, it was late in the evening, their service team arrived at the farm in 20 minutes and the problem was fixed. In the face of Agritop we found the right partner ", Teodora Valova, owner of the sheep farm

Super modern milking parlor DeLaval 2X12 SG parallel for sheep.
The sheep farm in the Pleven village of Pisarovo raises about 1,000 sheep - asav, avasi and Pleven black-headed.
The modern milking parlor is the first for Bulgaria with the new construction of DeLaval. The milking parlor is equipped with windbreaks and a tank for cooling and storing milk.

Each milking parlor has an individual milking machine and therefore there is no need to wait. After milking - to the last drop of milk, the milking machine separates automatically. For each milking place there is an individual electronic milk meter, which shows the amount of raw material, the flow of milk during milking, as well as the time for which it is milked.