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Sheep farm, Saedinenie, Plovdiv
Sheep farm, Saedinenie, Plovdiv

An ambitious team of professionals raises 2,600 elite Lacon milk sheep in the town of Saedinenie. With the help of Agritop specialists, they continue to upgrade the elite breeding farm and create standards for efficient animal husbandry.

"We had a lot of problems with both the design and the milking equipment, which we managed to fix with the competent intervention of specialists and colleagues from Italy. Then, on the recommendation of Italian experts from DeLaval, we turned to Agritop for service support. fruitful cooperation with Agritop. Now 900 sheep are milked in the modern hall in 2 hours. ", Elena Ustalakova, project manager of Verde Farm.
The sheep farm raises 2,600 Lacon animals.
3 automated food strips are installed in the sheep farm.

The food is fed on the conveyor belt at the end of the food belt. The food is moved through the food belt by means of an electric motor. The advantages they list from the farm are: simplification of the work process and reduction of manual labor. Optimizing the space in the barn. Almost no fodder loss, the ability to feed all animals at once, which is important in sheep.
The sheep farm handles daily tasks with the Weidemann 4512 loader, which is said to be one of their most used machines because it is more compact, more maneuverable, does a lot of work and is more economical.

Agritop takes care of the service and consumables. Their specialists remind us when filters, milking socks, etc. need to be changed. And they react immediately to the slightest problem, explains Elena Ustalakova. they need to be very careful when choosing a designer and contractor for their farms. "