Solutions from DeLaval to produce more with less
Solutions from DeLaval to produce more with less

DeLaval automated systems support all daily processes on the farm.
Interview: Edit Gergely, DeLaval Sales Manager

Mrs. Gergely, you are the sales manager for Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, can you make a comparison between Bulgaria and the other countries you are responsible for?

All these countries were part of the socialist regime. After the political changes, the privatization of agricultural lands and the distribution of ownership of animals developed in different directions.
In the Czech Republic and especially in Hungary, farms are larger and family farms are fewer in number. This means that the development of agriculture and our sector - milk production is at a different level. Naturally, the level of knowledge is also different. In larger farms, there are professional teams managing the operation, while in smaller, family farms, customers need more support to gain knowledge from us. Sometimes even for basic things like milking, hygiene and feeding. Profitable milk production has different requirements in the respective countries.

What are the biggest challenges that the dairy farmers are facing?

To always be profitable, for which they need to optimize the cost of inputs to be able to cope with fluctuations in the price of milk. Labor shortages, aging farmers, fewer and fewer people wanting to work in agriculture - these are definitely challenges today and will be in the future.

DeLaval is a leading manufacturer of milk production equipment. What technology solutions do you provide to address these challenges and make the dairy farm more productive?

We have many solutions to improve the milking process, also focusing on animal welfare, hygiene, nutrition and monitoring the health status of individual animals. All these solutions are to support the daily processes of farmers with automated systems.

Today, DeLaval is one of the leaders in the production of automated milking robots. How do these systems help improve productivity on dairy farms?

Automated milking robots allow farmers to milk more cows in a given time (milking time is shorter), increase production capacity, provide greater milk yield, and cleaning is done with 15% less water consumption. Allowing the detection of the presence of blood in the milk, the sensors allow cows to be grouped according to their activity. And these are only some of the advantages.

DeLaval has introduced the new robotic milking system, the DeLaval VMS™ V300. What makes it unique in the market?

With the DeLaval VMS™ V300, milk production is more personalized, meeting the needs of the individual farmer, more accurate and more profitable than ever before. The unique features make it possible to monitor each farm, each farmer, each cow, even each teat individually and customize the process, meeting the requirements of the farm to create a better place to work, for the cows and for the farmers themselves.

DeLaval InSight™ technology is the most sophisticated optical electronic control system ever created for dairy farming. The result is a robotic arm that performs udder preparation, disinfection, milking and sealing operations more smoothly, faster and more accurately.

The new DeLaval PureFlow™ makes it possible to achieve the best milking process. It starts with each teat individually, not only cleaning but also stimulating. The use of an extremely transparent cup allows you to see the cleaning and stimulation of each teat in action.

DeLaval InControl™ facilitates the control and monitoring of DeLaval VMS™ V300. This system provides simplified visual reports, analysis and information to help make the best decisions. With DeLaval InControl™ it is possible to increase the productivity (monitor the efficiency) of the cow, monitor the statistics or change the system settings, no matter where - on the VMS touchscreen or on any connected mobile device.

DeLaval has created more dairy solutions than anyone else on the planet, and we continue to this day. This experience and our 100% focus on dairy products is a guarantee that if a farmer chooses DeLaval he receives a complete dairy system that answers the four main challenges: work efficiency, farm profitability, food quality and animal welfare.

Agritop has been the representative of DeLaval for Bulgaria since 2005. How do you rate your partnership?

We at Delaval are very happy to work together with Agritop for so many years, as Agritop is a company that shares the same goal as Delaval: Helping customers achieve sustainable and profitable milk production.
People at Agritop are innovative, open to development, constantly looking for solutions to help our customers in a professional way. Suffice it to mention their new trade center with its classroom and impressive warehouse.

What do you think about the development of Bulgarian dairy farmers during this period?

Bulgarian dairy farmers have to also follow the world's requirements in terms of milk quality, efficiency, professional nutrition in order to reduce production costs and achieve an optimal level of production. There is still a lot of work to be done to further increase the level of customer knowledge and reach a level that will build a market for advanced technology and automation.