Realized Projects

Wooden barn for fattening male calves, Kovachitsa village
Wooden barn for fattening male calves, Kovachitsa village

Construction of a barn for fattening male calves with a wooden structure. The technology of the project is German, developed jointly with the investor, Agritop and their German consultants.

The first stage of the great investment intention - construction of a complete livestock complex was realized in 2015 and represents four stables for mothers with calves. The second stage has already been realized - construction of a barn for fattening male calves with a wooden structure.

The barn has separate outdoor yards for the little ones. It has a solid wood construction. Much used technology on beef cattle farms throughout Western Europe. The advantages are expressed in the natural environment that creates the wood, sustainability and reduced to a minimum maintenance of the building. Even if only the capitals are made of wood, it is also important because over 85% of the ammonia in buildings passes or stagnates under the roof, so it is important that the material is very resistant to aggressive ammonia environment.

The building is functional and further contributes to creating an excellent microclimate, sustainability in operation and economic efficiency.
This modern building for raising beef cattle, made of wood, also stands out with its innovative construction concept in relation to animal welfare for stable animals.

Advantages of wooden constructions:

  • Sustainability and minimized maintenance of buildings;
  • Wood has an advantage over any metal, even galvanized;
  • The wood has 3 to 5 TIMES LONGER LIFE in a strong environment of ammonia and acids and requires no maintenance;
  • The natural environment;
  • Helps further in terms of creating an excellent microclimate;

The technological equipment includes:
  • Thick-walled partitions and doors for forming groups of animals;
  • Diagonal grilles along the food path for the separation of individual feeding places and occipital partitions;
  • Epoxy resin on the food path;
  • Automated scraper cleaning lines;
  • Adjacent manure;
  • Windprotection curtains to ensure natural air movement and create an optimal microclimate in the barn;
  • Individual water thoughs;
  • Roller doors for quick and easy loading of food;
  • Weight measuring system with computer module;

Innovative for Bulgaria automated system for laying straw in the sleeping areas
  1. Complete dedusting for clean and healthy air in the barn
  2. Fully automated spreading
  3. The straw is crushed reliably
  4. Straw bales are processed automatically
  5. The straw is automatically distributed throughout the barn
  6. Waste quality is improved
  7. The size of the spread is adjustable
  8. With Strohmatic, straw costs are reduced by 66%.
  9. The system catches the stones in advance, so that only finely chopped and dust-free straw is laid in the bed area.